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Need something done but just don’t have the time? Create a listing and let the right person find you.

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Make money by harnessing the power of your community. Search the listings and find exciting new ways to supplement your income.

Are you ready to Servango?

Are you ready to Servango?

Almost everyone could do with a little more time, or a little more money. Servango helps you increase both by taking advantage of the local community. Whether you are looking to get something done, or just supplement your income, Servango is the place to come.

Don’t waste time trawling the Internet and calling people to find the right person for a specific task. Create a listing on Servango in seconds, relax, and let the right person find you.

Don’t fret over how to make that extra money. Browse the stream on Servango and find new ways to supplement your income with the time knowledge and skills you already have.

See how can Servango help you...

See how Servango can help you…

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Meet the team that made Servango a reality.

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